IV Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) Injections – South Edmonton Naturopathic Clinic

South Edmonton Naturopath (Dr. Balwinder Badhan) offers Intravenous use of high dose Vitamin C (HDVC) that has been used effectively for Cancer Treatment since decades dating back to the time of Linus Pauling, a Nobel Prize laureate. Research, Experience, Laboratory findings and Clinical studies have found that IV Vitamin C in high dose `selectively kills Cancer cells` sparing the normal cells. Cancers cells take Vitamin C inside where it is converted to hydrogen peroxide which is toxic to Cancer cells! So basically, Vitamin C is killing Cancer cells by acting as `pro-oxidant` and Cytotoxic to Cancer (Tumor) cells like Chemotherapy but with way less adverse effects, better safety and may hep alleviate adverse effects associated with it. IV Vitamin C has been in use for this reason for many decades in Europe, USA, Mexico and Canada with good results. It has many benefits in Cancer patients like improving quality of life, life expectancy, reducing tumor size & Infections and recovering after surgery. In order to improve overall outcomes, it can also be administered before and after chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.

At South Edmonton Naturopathic Clinic, Intravenous Vitamin C can also be combined with other antioxidants, minerals and vitamins to treat different conditions such as:

  • Cancers
  • Cold/flus/ Acute and Chronic Infections
  • Inflammatory conditions/Autoimmune/ Inflammatory Arthritis
  • Low Energy/Fatigue/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
  • Stress/Anxiety/Depression/Moods/Sleeps
  • Improving healing in burns, injuries, rashes/scars, surgery
  • Low Immunity

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