B12 INJECTIONS – South Edmonton Naturopathic Clinic

South Edmonton Naturopath also offers B12 injections to treat your anxiety, tiredness, fatigue and boost your mood, energy, help reduce your weight, improve memory and metabolic rate. We absorb only up to 20% of B12 that we take orally in the form of supplements and even to lesser extent if we are older, taking antacids, Vegans/Vegetarians, with GI issues, autoimmune disease of gut and after GI surgeries.

Administering Intramuscular B12 injections are much more effective and beneficial than oral supplements and diet because they bypass your digestive tract and get absorbed directly into your circulation and patients have reported noticeable difference within few minutes!

Dr. Balwinder Badhan has found that low B12 levels in people have been implicated in slowing down metabolism, decreased energy, gaining weight, increased depression, increased sluggishness, tiredness and fatigue, increased risk of developing anemia, cardiovascular issues/macular degeneration and many more.

Further B12 deficiency can easily and effectively be treated with B12 injections at South Edmonton Naturopathic Clinic and prior brief visit about Nutritional counselling may be required in some patients with certain signs and symptoms

Please feel free to book an appointment with Dr. Badhan by calling directly at 587-523-1000 or emailing info@southedmontonnaturopath.com